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InTo the Illinois Totality

the Total Solar Eclipse Tour
August 19-22, 2017

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  1. & the towns on the mark : Makanda - eclipse crossroads
  2. Southern Illinois vistas are breathtaking!
  3. the fruits of our So IL delicious...
  4. the cities landmark: Cahokia - ancient City of the Sun
  5. or bringing us the stars : Superman, of Metropolis
  6. the heroes down to earth : Popeye, Sailor Man - of Chester
  7. the locally harvested fare artfully prepared...
  8. And, the wines inspiring!

joy ride on an exclusive weekend getaway
InTo the Illinois Totality
of the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Tour | August 19-22, 2017

Slip out of town with InSites To Go  on an exclusive tour – limted to just 10 people – traveling by private tour coach to Southern Illinois to be at the centerline of the Total Solar Eclipse, when day turns into night for 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Day 1 | Fly Me to the Moon
We’ll depart from the Chicago area Saturday morning, following the sun westward along historic Route 66 (and I-55) to charming bed and breakfast inns near the sunset. En route we’ll visit Illinois’ ancient City of the Sun at Cahokia Mounds. Our supper will feature local fare, grown and harvested from the Illinois heartland.  ( ( ( (  For your convenience, we’re happy to pick up registered guests anywhere along Saturday’s route – just let us know where to meet you.  ) ) ) )

Day 2 | Joy Ride Illinois
On Sunday after breakfast we’ll head out on a leisurely Sun-day Drive – through Southernmost Illinois’ amazing countryside, with its wineries, farms, forests, breathtaking views, and delightful towns – doing our best to preview (or, dare we say it ... fore-shadow) the moon’s Total Solar Eclipse path. Who knows? The road might take us to Makanda to see Giant City State Park, or Metropolis to meet Superman. Naturally, we’ll stop for Sunday Dinner. Back home, in the evening we’ll sit a spell in the wonder of all the stars to be counted under Southern Illinois’ dark skies.

Day 3 | Illinois Totality      (((((  total  sOlar  eclipse  )))))
Early Monday – Totality Day – we’ll depart for Chester, where midday the moon’s shadow will cross the Mississippi River, entering into Illinois. Located right at the eclipse centerline – and one of Illinois’ earliest communities, as well as the hometown of Popeye the Sailor Man – Chester is offering two different ways to experience the eclipse:  at a festival including music, artisans, street vendors and local astronomers; or in a quiet, nature setting.. Either way, we’ll be over the moon – the very first to shed our shades and experience 2 minutes 40 seconds of Illinois Totality!! After the eclipse we’ll join the community at its Stellar Ice Cream Social, while in the evening we’ll be treated to a quiet dinner celebrating the sun, the moon and the stars.

Day 4 | After Glow
Returning home Tuesday, we’ll pay a lunchtime visit to Abe Lincoln – himself an avid stargazer, science geek, and presidential proponent of science, technology and the future. Afterward we'll head for Chicago, returning to Earth mid afternoon ...Illinois Totality contented 'til 2024.

InTo the Illinois Totality
celestial joy ride + exclusive weekend getaway

Total Solar Eclipse Tour | August 19-22, 2017

Let InSites To Go  FLY YOU TO THE shadow of the MOON
​​Tour includes:                                                                                          
motor coach transportation  |  lodging
3 breakfasts, 2 dinners, 2 lunches  |  eclipse glasses  |  admissions
If the weather is overcast InSites To Go may, in its discretion, consider
a n alternate site from which to experience the eclipse.

Happy 200th Birthday, Illinois!​​​​

InTo the Illinois Totality is part of the
InSites To Go  Illinois Bicentennial Road Trip Series,
which runs through 2018 with tours and adventures
all across the state,
celebrating 200 years of Illinois
– and more.

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